> Satyrday

Four exhibitions of Sculptural Mosaic, compiled and assembled across several years of ongoing studio work.


Sundry BiblioGeneSeas
March 13 – 24, 2024 - Gallery 1313

This exhibition solidifies many of the concordances that I’ve convinced myself are there, when I gaze upon sundry artifacts that all seem to speak the same, cyclical text.

Through a number of sculptural studies, scriptural buddies, and pictorial proddings, I gaze skyward, and then navel-ward, in an attempt to figure out the precise origins of the Biblical corpus.

The quest is audacious, the assertions are preposterous, and the conclusions are unabashedly ridiculous. Thankfully, the entire exercise amounts to little more than an art exhibition, and so the stakes remain low.



SellFone PornograPhallusees
August 17 – 28, 2022 - Gallery 1313

Time is sticky as it rollicks over the mind’s occasional moments, leaving strands of mural-mucous’d images on the walls of conscious thought.

And so, like fly-paper, the sticky walls of this exhibition have captured some candid snapshots from my unsecured imagination. These embarrassing, Optimythic explosures showcase a tiny fraction of the involuntary, inconvenient, and illicit fairy tales that flit constantly amid the primordial background radiation of my mind.

Some are brand new; others are old favourites. A few of them are stately and polite, but many, to be perfectly honest, are not. Rather, they stand awkward and stiffly, like insistent pubescent boners in need of constant attention. Since it’s forbidden to touch these relentless desires directly, I seek solace instead by making art about them.

Gallery 1313SellFonePornograPhallusees



BrideGroom Apollo-Gentiklees
Spring, 2020 – Online at Gallery 1313

The images that flow as the viewer scrolls downward become a River of wordless sign-making. The signs themselves are both Obvious and Obscure, twinkling in the heavens as like fundamental metaphors of the earliest Human mind.

Eventually, through infinitesimal refinements, they evolve toward the present, becoming beloved and essential Letters of the modern Aleph-Bet (“God-House”).



Toxic Masku-Liminalities
February 13 – 24, 2019 - Gallery 1313

In the mind of every Man of Conscience is a secret room into which other minds are strictly forbidden.

So powerful is the shame that guards this secret room, that most Men of Conscience are themselves incapable of entering it. And of the noble few who do actually muster the testicular fortitude to spend some thoughtful time there, they rarely have the strength or endurance to stay very long.

Such is the effect of this secret chamber, whose walls can only be perceived by Men of Conscience.

Gallery 1313