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The Delphic Oracle
Updated February 4, 2014
Short films on Short Films on
Some of my short films, Talk Salo and Credit Role, are on my YouTube Channel. You can also find some SRW episodes. More content will come online as it's produced.
The Delphic Oracle Online

The Delphic Oracle
This site is a little experiment in super-small-scale writing. If the database wasn't broken, you could head on over and ask a question. In the meantime, it's "in process," and you can check out Twitter.

The Sacred Antinous Epic Mosaic
I'm slowly building inventory and getting pieces prepared for exhibition, sale, or storytelling. This site has a small sample of some of the portraiture work I've been up to.
The Sacred Antinous The Sacred Antinous
Launched on November 27, 2006, this ste is an ongoing work of historical fiction.
"Sir Richard Wadd" Sir Richard Wadd
I think of this site as the mirror image of The Sacred Antinous.
Kingdoms of Daaskmere Kingdoms of Daaskmere
Second draft of the Metaphor, circa 1998.
The Sacred Antinous - Sweeping Historical Fiction in the form of Sacred Texts for the Living Cult of Antinous
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