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Updated January 31, 2016

I'm a Toronto-based artist working in a wide array of new, old, and ancient media. I think of myself as a "Webspinner" -- the Internet is my primary substrate, and upon it I place my various works of trans-media art.  The creation process is ongoing; there's no definitive beginning or end to the large-scale structure of the networked storytelling. 

My vision is for a hyperlinked web of timelines, images, and texts that serve as a metaphorical portrait of my evolving identity. As such, it becomes a resource of personal narratives that can be mined as a tool for self-analysis and self-knowledge. I periodically review my past deployments in search of meaningful (or mysterious) patterns of mind and consciousness.  These alternating seasons of creation and reflection allow for self-directed exploration, therapy, and, every once in a while, exorcism.

The various cyber-regions of my storytelling practice are presented below, and are in a perpetual state of evolution.

Optimythic Optimythic: An Exhibition of Sculptural Mosaic
March 10-24, 2016, I'll be presenting a selection of mosaics completed over the past decade. Admission is free, and the venue is fully accessible.
The Sacred Antinous The Sacred Antinous
An ongoing work of historical fiction set in ancient Rome. Warning: Some explicit image content, and a vast amount of text.
"Sir Richard Wadd" Sir Richard Wadd
An ongoing work of modern-day fiction set in my studio. Clown studies meander in and out of this webspace. Warning: Some explicit video and image content, and a vast amount of text.
Kingdoms of Daaskmere Kingdoms of Daaskmere
An adventure through the medieval landscape of my early years. Warning: a vast amount of text.
The Delphic Oracle Online

The Delphic Oracle
An experiment in small-scale writing. Site is currently disabled. No warnings.

The Sacred Antinous Epic Mosaic
A sample of some of the mosaic portraiture work I've been up to. No warnings.
Short films on Short Films on
My short films, Talk Salo and Credit Role, are on my YouTube Channel, along with some other random stuff. Standard YouTube warnings apply.

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